Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dick Cheney, a #politician of the #USA

Surprises like this is why #Wikidata is such good fun to work on. You have a sense of endless opportunities. I got to Mr Cheney because I noticed the father of Al Gore. I wondered if it was known they were father and son. To my amazement I noticed that it was not even known that he was a Vice President of the United States. As a consequence of adding this information I noticed that Mr Cheney and Mr Quayle were not known as Vice Presidents either.

I am sure there are enough people to lavish some TLC on these gentlemen in Wikidata.

When information like this is lacking, it is obvious that information about ministers from Sweden or Madagascar may not exist at all. It probably takes people from those countries to lavish their TLC to the people that matter to them.

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