Saturday, September 07, 2013

Improving #privacy and #security

There is little privacy left and there is a lot of FUD about the extend our privacy and security has been compromised. On a mailing list there is even talk about the possibility that the Wikimedia Foundation may be forced to divulge information to one of the American Secret Security organisations.

The good news is that the security and privacy for most users of any of the projects has been improved substantially. As our commitment is first and foremost to bring knowledge to all the people of the world, the only exceptions have been made for people accessing our projects from China and Iran.

There is talk about implementing OpenID for use at the Wikimedia Foundation. Making OpenID available for all of our users would be really welcome given that the use of single sign-on has been largely usurped by companies like Google and Facebook. The Wikimedia Foundation is probably the only organisation that is not commercial that has a fighting chance to be accepted as a provider of single sign-on. announced that it will end its services in 2014. I would dearly love to have a replacement in the Wikimedia Foundation as my provider of a single sign-on service.

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