Monday, September 02, 2013


The president of Latvia
#DBpedia indicates the current political party for  Mr Andris Bērziņš, separately his previous party affiliations are indicated. 

Wikidata uses qualifiers; it is possible to indicate start and end dates for the different affiliations. This is superior however, including all the existing information from DBpedia in Wikidata will boost the usefulness a lot. Sorting out all the qualifications is something we cannot do with current software anyway.

The need for a mass merge in Wikidata
Many of the newly created records have been identified as being duplicates and have already been merged. The example I used in my blogpost of the genus Hersilia has been given the label of "long-spinnered bark spider". A genus is a group and consequently it should be a plural. Because of renames like this it has become more difficult to identify candidates for merges.

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