Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Add data to #Wikidata

When #Commons started, people added pictures. These could not be used because the MediaWiki software did not support it. With the support of displaying Commons pictures in Wikipedia, people started to remove images from the Wikipedias because there was no longer a need for them to be stored locally.

When the values for statements are the same in Wikidata and a Wikipedia, there is no longer a need to keep that information locally. The argument against keeping information locally is that when data needs an update it only needs to be updated in Wikidata.

This is probably the least disruptive way forward.
  • Wikidata needs to include all the data of the data types it supports
  • we need functionality that compares data in a Wikipedia and removes it when it is the same
The functionality needed does not exist at this time. But we can add data by hand. We can build templates that support data from Wikidata. Smart people will concentrate on including data that a bot will not be able to retrieve. Bot operators will run their bots as far as they will go. The Wikidata developers will continue developing support for the data types that we are waiting for.

There is something for everyone to do.

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