Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#SignWriting organisation adopts #CC-by-sa

The problem with "#Free content" is that some people do not appreciate its meaning. Free means: you can do whatever you like with this. The problem these people face is that they apply what their understanding of copyrights is and insist on a license.

Only for these people, the CC-by-sa license has been added. It is to make sure that it is understood that all the information is there to be used. It is to make sure that you can and are encouraged to make it your own and adapt it as you see fit.

For everyone else, there is no way where the SignWriting Foundation will enforce the legalities of the license. Yes, it is nice to be acknowledged but please do share SignWriting as widely as possible because it is a gift to be able to write the language you sign. You are *FREE* to write without any thought or any further consideration. Please do write your sign language.

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