Sunday, September 15, 2013

Simma Holt, a #politician from #Canada

When you are interested in the message of Mrs Holt, you can read her books. When you read about her, it is bound to be relevant and surely of interest.

There is a Wikipedia article in English about her and, there is now a Wikidata item about her. Given that she is a Canadian politician, I would expect that there will be an article about her in the French language in the future.

When you run a bot adding the party affiliation to persons, you find that the overwhelming majority are American or British. There are hardly any politicians of other countries. When you see a name that seems to be not American, you find that the context of these people is lacking.

On the other hand, it is fun to work on the information that is lacking. Mrs Holt is easy; she does have her VIAF registration. People like Mohammad Nabavi may have a VIAF registration. He does not have a Wikipedia article yet.

When you look at criteria for notability, it seems to me that anyone who has ever had a political appointment has his English Wikipedia article. I wonder if the same criteria are used for politicians of the other countries.

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