Friday, September 20, 2013

Maria Trzcińska-Fajfrowska, a #politician from #Poland

The #Polish Wikipedia has an article about her. As my bot is running, I look at some of its edits to check if the information is correct and I like to add some other useful information. In this case it is obvious that she is a person and female.

When you read an article, it is quite obvious if the subject is male or female. For a bot however, it is not that obvious. The sex of a person is typically not stated in an info-box.

Adding the sex in Wikidata is the right thing to do; Wikidata will be heavily used by automated processes and they work best when something like a sex, a nationality is explicitly stated.

With information about the sex, we can research to what extend women are present in the different language versions of Wikipedia. We can also find people of what nationality are under represented in our Wikipedias.

NB there are currently 1,337,293 persons, 783,746 males and 149,890 females in Wikidata..

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