Sunday, March 06, 2011

Are you ready for the new server ?

With a new server running, we are again ready for old and new business. This is the time to hammer our server by localising some of the best open source software around.

With more hardware resources we will provide our community with a better service. Whenever you have a spare moment, we are quite happy to make the most of your time and make you as productive as we possibly can.

Our aim is to make your work as easy and relevant as we can make it. LocalisationUpdate ensures that your MediaWiki localisations have the fastest turn around time into production. Narayam helps you to enter the characters of the script for your language from a standard keyboard. Machine translation engines are available to make suggestions to you.

With you localising software, we do what we can to utilise the technology that makes your time with us effective and ensure that your work makes a difference.

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