Sunday, March 27, 2011

Different characters for #MediaWiki

These screen shots say it all; different characters. Different characters because a different font can be selected.

This functionality is of use for all scripts, even for the Latin script because the fonts people have on their PC does not necessarily show all the characters used in a specific language.  By providing a web font, we can make sure that all the characters are available for people to see.

The great thing of this extension created by Santhosh is that it will be of universal use. It will enable people to read our content as long as there is a free font that we can use. For many of our Wikipedias this will dramatically extend the reach of our projects. It is one of the key improvements when we are to increase our reach in the "global south".

PS the code for the extension is not not in SVN yet because Santhosh does not have commit rights.

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