Thursday, March 31, 2011 is ahead of the curve

Running on #MediaWiki "head" all the latest messages are available for localisation at twn. As a consequence there is not much disruption for many languages when new functionality goes into production. Typically there is ample time to get the localisation done right.

When new functionality is developed for translatewiki itself, testing is as essential as it is for any production platform. This testing is done on the "sandwiki" and it is very much to prevent avoidable downtime.

There are essentially two categories of functionality we test; development on the Translate extension itself and other extensions that will impact the effectiveness of our community of localisers. Because of this we already run Narayam for all languages in production and we are now testing WebFonts in "sandwiki".

Now that Santhosh has commit rights, further development by him and Niklas can take place in the place where many eyeballs can make any bug shallow. Once it is in SVN, we can also start localising the WebFonts software.

"sandwiki" with the Rufscript font

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