Sunday, March 27, 2011

#Google suggests

Google suggest is one of my favourite helpers navigating the Internet. It will catch my typos and provides me with an improvement to what I typed. This functionality is available in many languages and not in others.

Santhosh found out that the ":" is used by many people writing Malayalam. This is the kind of mistake that Google suggest can pick up. It is also the kind of mistake that a clever spell checker can automatically fix.

When people use the wrong character in preference to the correct one, it is because it is easier to type the wrong character. To what extend is this because of using a deficient input method ?

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Anivar said...

What i strongly argue is for stylebooks for Reginal language wikipedia's. It must include most of the common typos in usage and follow one method among many linguistical practices available. (If style book selects colour as correct spelling usages such as color need to be corrected using a database hook, when saving the page) . These type of typos can be easily fixed with such a practice.

Crowdsourced methods such as google suggest may not be the correct way of doing it . After a stylebook implimentation in place as a database hook in mediawiki , a suggesting feture can be embeded in javascript editor