Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A missing character for #Mingrelian

What to do when #MediaWiki does not show a character necessary for your language. This question is what puzzles George Kangaria. The request for a Wikipedia has been made, there is work done in the incubator and the localisation is under way in

When you check out the website for the Georgian script, additional characters for Mingrelian and Svan are mentioned. They are the characters elifi and yn.

George is using Microsoft on his computer and as long as he uses Microsoft products, the character elifi is available to him. When he localises however, he gets the little rectangle with numbers indicating the use of a font with missing characters.

On a computer running Ubuntu, there is no missing character.

George wants a solution badly. And the enabling technology needed are provided in web fonts. Given that Ubuntu provides proper support, there are fonts that are freely licensed. So once MediaWiki supports web fonts, Mingrelian can function to the full extend of its potential.

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