Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hopes are up for #Toolserver II

No tool is more appropriate then "#SVG translate" to be the first of the Toolserver tools to be internationalised. This tool that has been around for quite some time and was recently adopted by Jarry1250. He came to #mediawiki-i18n to learn how to get localisations for this tool.

One of the things that is quite nifty is that it does not only enable translations for the SVG files at Commons, you can also translate files from other websites.

With Jarry1250 and Krinkle setting up the internationalisation for Toolserver tools, the functionality of SVG Translate got attention as well. The image that has its labels translated is now shown together with the labels that need translation.

There is some Dutch in this screen shot :)

With the usability improvements and the accessibility improvements SVG translate has the potential to become a tool that will seriously support the use of SVG in all the Wikimedia projects. A tool like this unlocks an potential that has been inherently present all the time.

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