Saturday, March 12, 2011

Most used messages are about to change

One of the requirements for a new #Wikipedia is the localisation of the "most used messages" at The messages contained in this collection is at the discretion of the developers at translatewiki. Very infrequently new statistics are sought to define what messages have the most impact to our users.

Siebrand informed me that he is about to ask for these new numbers as the MediaWiki software has changed quite a bit.

The languages seeking a first Wikimedia project who completed the current "most used" messages before the date of the change will have a grace period of two additional months to show sufficient activity to convince the language committee that the new project can be approved.

We hope to have the Babel extension ready for use in the Incubator in a months time. When there are no unforeseen circumstances, it may even be sooner. I do ask the localisers of languages with projects in the incubator to complete the Babel messages because it will help us understand the abilities within a community.

Babel messages in Angika

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