Monday, March 07, 2011

#Spring cleaning

At the oomph of spring and the new server gives of this urge to look at things again. To get rid of old annoyances and even look anew at our practices.

Being the "official" project running head has its advantages too; it makes a great place to search for memory leaks and other annoyances. Getting them before they go live does motivate Wikimedia developers to help us clean out and establish best practices.

One annoyance tackled are the rectangular logos we use on our main page and on our templates for project localisers. They suck; you cannot read what they say, they do not show the project to its best advantage. So after some searching for replacements, the FUDforum, the Okawix, the NOCC and the WikiBlame logos have been replaced with something square.

Walking through the screens also showed that the WikiBlame localisers did not get their recognition so a new template and a new category were created to help these people find their peers. Initial population of this category has taken place however you are free to add yourself when you have done the work.

As we are so used to our project, there may be things we just do not notice. When you have annoyances in need of some tender loving care, you are welcome to suggest or even be bold.

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