Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saurashtra, a language from India new to

Saurashtra is a language written in three scripts. they are Saurashtra, Tamil and Devanagari. To top it off, there are people who transliterate to the Latin script.

As there is a request for the localisation in to Saurashtra, there are a few things that are essential. One of them is the availability of a Unicode font another is the name of the language in the language also called autonym.

The good news is that according to an Unicode font does exist. Not so good is the news that Unicode knows two versions and, there is a font that is not Unicode.
  • Sourashtra Unicode font version 1.0 - ꢓꢾꢥꢶꢒꢾꢬꢶ
  • Sourashtra Unicode font version 2.0 - ꣅ ꣅ ꣅ ꣅ ꣅ ꣅ
Not so good is the news that these fonts only work with Windows and Firefox... I have not found license information but I found this blog from someone who is likely to know or knows who to contact.


Michael Everson said...

I could supply a font. But you might have guessed that.

Unknown said...

Works fine in Linux too, but the license really needs to be clarified.

மார்கண்டேயன் said...

Two fonts are available from the website,, one is sureshu.ttf, a true type font and the other is sourashtra.otf (an open type font), which is also a unicode font.

Both the above fonts does not require any license to use.

Presently, Sourashtra.otf (Sourashtra Unicode Font) works nicely with FireFox browser.

With that we are exchanging e. mails in Sourashtra.

One website is functioning for learning sourashtra language.

I am still in doubt what license you need to use it.

Please clarify,

M.S. Sureshkumar,