Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Narayam shows the scope of an #Internet #language issue

Narayam is a #MediaWiki extension and it helps with writing articles in #Wikipedia. With several languages supported, additions for Narayam are queuing up.

When a mail is received from someone who is working for the government of Karnataka on a knowledge base asking for support in his application, a better perspective of the issue transpires. It is truly hard work to write Indic language content.

With the recent addition of Santhosh Thottingal to the Wikimedia language committee, we have a person who adds a history of practical involvement to the existing awareness of issues like these. When we provide support in MediaWiki for a language like Kannada or Singhala, similar support is needed in LibreOffice, Drupal or Wordpress to name but a few.

As the Wikimedia Foundation is through its projects the 500 pound gorilla of diverse language content, we hope to effectively raise awareness of language issues and stimulate solutions inside and outside our movement.

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