Saturday, March 12, 2011

From a #Wikimedia #strategy to a #Wikimedia plan

Once a strategy is defined and adopted, it is time to plan. As the strategy took a lot of effort by many people to define, the resulting plan is quite complex as a result.

With the product whitepaper published it is time to read and comment. It is a big read and, it takes quite some effort to take it all in. As Sue writes in her March strategy update, by publishing early we can comment early and be involved.

As you can imagine, there are improvements to make; I would for instance like to see "Text input and rendering" under languages. This allows for web fonts and this will enable more people to read our content. The good news is, that this can be found in the taxonomy (G.2) so it is just needs fixing in this illustration.

It is well worth getting your teeth in to this document and help cross the t and dot the i as the result of this plan will very much influence our future.

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