Thursday, March 10, 2011

I stepped royally into it ....

When I blogged about I was happy to inform about the plans for an European photo competition. I am sad that some countries are not able to participate and I expressed my hope that Italian regions will allow us to do our thing in their area.

The Spanish chapter is participating and, for a chapter newly formed this is really amazing. Organising an event like this does take a serious amount of effort.

Responses to my blog post show that not everybody is happy with European chapters taking an initiative.

This is not a Spanish bull but an Hereford

As I understand it, some Catalans feel excluded. They have their own chapter and apparently do not consider themselves part of Spain. While I can appreciate such sentiments to some extend, Catalonia is not the only region that may feel a bit separate. The Basque region is even better known for its independent sentiments.

Wikimedians are meant to work together. With sentiments a bit spirited, they can use their energy and try to outdo each other. What Wikipedia can represent the architecture of the Iberian peninsula best. Promoting the Catalan or Basque monuments will be easier because they speak Spanish as well.

The Spanish chapters and communities will have to work as a federation. From a marketing point of view people go on a holiday to Spain and end up enjoying its varied culture when they are lucky. When they are not, all they see is the beach and the bars. Then again, they do not need Wikipedia to decide where to go and what to do.

My message then and now is the same; enjoy Europe's cultural heritage and take part in the Wiki loves Monuments competition where you can.
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