Thursday, November 28, 2013

A #brilliant idea barnstar

User:West.andrew.g provides really neat information about the English #Wikipedia. He shows the "popular redlinks".
This is a weekly list of the most requested red links on Wikipedia. It was developed as a corollary of the Top 5000. While this list contains many non-human views, this list can help identify notable topics and search requests that should be created or redirected. This list displays redlinks that have 1000+ views in the prior week interval (run on Sunday mornings, UTC locale). 
Information like this is so valuable; it shows what people are looking for and cannot find. It is highly likely that adding information about these subjects will result in many more page views. As a Wikipedia becomes better able to provide information, it will at some stage reach the tipping point where it is really useful. For many Wikipedias this is still a goal we are aiming for,

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