Sunday, November 24, 2013

#Wikidata HOWTO - #Commons categories

The basic building blocks for a multi lingual #search engine for Commons already exist. They exist in #Wikidata.

To realise this is actually something quite relevant. Consider the example of Q726 or horse for instance. "Horse" is known in 178 languages and consequently there is already a word for it in these 178 languages. To find it in even more languages someone just has to add the right label.

It works by linking Q726 to the Commons category "Equus ferus caballus". It is the item for the concept itself that needs to connects to the Commons category, not other categories nor lists nor whatever.

The Commons category provides you hopefully with loads of images and while everything that is written on that page may be unintelligible it gets you more horsies. When you are adventurous you will find that Q146 gets you kitty cats and Q144 will get you doggies...

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