Sunday, November 17, 2013

#Wikimedia #HOWTO - Supporting dyslexic people

One small detail that deserves much more attention is the ability to support people who are dyslectic. This support is thanks to a wonderful little project called OpenDyslexic. It is a font that is designed in such a way that most persons with dyslexia find it a lot easier to read.

There are several reasons why our support for dyslectic people deserves more attention;

  • seven percent of a population is dyslectic
  • people who have found how to enable this font are happy
  • we do not know how many people use OpenDyslexic
  • we are told that people find it hard to enable the font
  • OpenDyslexic could be used for languages like Polish
  • some languages cannot use OpenDyslexic because characters are not supported

The CEE conference in Modra was really constructive; so many subjects were discussed including OpenDyslexic. The bug to enable OpenDyslexic for Polish, indicates that many of the things discussed are actionable and are being acted upon.

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