Sunday, November 17, 2013

The #Wikidata workshop

At the #CEE meeting in #Modra, it was a pleasure to inform about the latest about Wikidata. At the conference the idea of a workshop was launched. The question posed was: "show us what is already there, show us what we can already do".

There is a lot to show. There is the progress that is made by the development team, there are the many tools created by Magnus and, there are the templates used on several Wikipedias. People are impressed but for many purposes it is not good enough. This is understandable, Wikidata is not feature complete. Many things we want to do are under development.

If there is one thing I wanted to achieve is that people understand that while Wikidata is incomplete, it is already functional. There are great tools that emulate what people are looking for. There are things that do make a difference today .. Tipping points have been reached for several uses and as more people make use of Wikidata and include the data that is relevant to them, more tipping points will be reached.

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