Monday, November 04, 2013

#Wikidata - Date of death III

As we are into #death, there are other websites that provide information about the dearly departed. One of them is "Find a Grave". It includes many different approaches to the people and their graves.

What is really cool is that they often know about people who are dead before we do. Our inimitable Magnus saw a great opportunity and he linked their information to Wikidata. The result is really nice; at first glance there seems to be a lot of information lacking in the WMF. However when you drill deeper, you find Wikipedia is aware of the coming and going of the grim reaper. Tomorrow there are bound to be more of his visits to report.

Another friend indicated that the list of 2013 deaths on the German Wikipedia is the nbr 13 of most watched pages. It will be interesting to learn how popular the Wikidata list of deaths from October 1th is.

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