Wednesday, November 06, 2013

#divcon - #Search beyond the tail

#Wikipedia aims to "share in the sum of all knowledge". It is an aspiration that works better for some languages and not as good for others. Wikipedia will provide you with the articles it has and, Wikidata allows you to find items with a label in your language.

Wikidata knows an item for each article and, the name of an article will serve as a label. As the number of article is different for each Wikipedia, there is now a new report that indicates the number of links per language in Wikidata.

At this moment, the English Wikipedia has 5,317,999 articles, this is just 37,9% of the items in Wikidata. Many of the missing subjects may not be notable enough for the English Wikipedia but this does not mean that we do not know about them. Just add a label in English and another item can be found, just add an alias and it can be found in a different way as well.

We do not know what people are looking for but we do know that people are not properly served with in most languages. When search is enriched with all the added labels in Wikidata, people will gain access to Wikipedia articles in other languages as well as to a pointer to Commons. They may be even interested in Wikivoyage. Our aim is to share in the sum of all knowledge and Wikidata provides a platform to serve data and choices.

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