Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#Wikidata HOWTO - Add value by labelling what is in the #news

If there is a purpose to Wikidata, then it is to share in the sum of all knowledge. Wikidata provides a service to over 280 languages and if they are all to share in the same sum of all knowledge we have a challenge on our hand.

Take Typhoon Haiyan for instance, A lot of specific information can be given. The date it became recognised as a typhoon and the date when it was no longer a typhoon. The country or countries it passed maybe even maps that show this progression. When everything is said and done, there is the potential for a substantial number of statements and qualifiers.

Obviously there are other items that are still of interest; typhoon, Philippines, United Nations are all related to the aftermath of this typhoon. When we ask attention for the information we can currently provide in Wikidata and for the associated items, we will be better prepared for a next tropical storm.

Only a few are needed to set up the data properly but we need 280 times attention to make sure that people can find our information in all our languages. That attention is our biggest challenge.

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