Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#Russian #Wikipedia presents #English #Wikipedia

A real surprise can be experienced on the Russian Wikipedia; their article about the English Wikipedia has a template that shows a nice info-box. What makes it so special is that the fourth Wikipedia in page views is using Wikidata to present its information.

An often repeated set of questions has been: "When will the bigger Wikipedias start using Wikidata for its information? When will the tipping point be reached when they will update information at Wikidata. When will any and all other languages benefit from the effort from the big boys".

When big players start to rely on Wikidata, the items they are interested in will get more attention. The resulting high quality information will become available for all these subjects on all the other languages as well. It now becomes possible that the Russian point of view will be supported by the highest quality information.

For Wikidata to support what some may consider a neutral point of view it is important that all items will gain high quality attention from all our communities.

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