Sunday, November 03, 2013

Arboga, a stad in #Sweden

Arboga is a municipality in Sweden. Like many others it once enjoyed town privileges, thus it is entitled to call itself stad. As you can imagine, there has been a constant change in the size and the relevance of these places. All the pertinent facts are maintained by the Swedish authorities and, it is possible to update the items of the Swedish municipalities in this way.

Much of the data about these municipalities has been harvested from the English language Wikipedia. Research on the quality of the data indicated that 96% of the data is correct. People from the Swedish community had hoped for 98% and, their aim is to raise the reliability of the information on Wikidata to 99,8%.

As they started their project, they found that the "communcode" or "towncode" was missing. This information is critical if automated updates from the Swedish authorities are to be considered.  There are 2190 towns and communes and automated updates is what makes it feasible to realise the 99,8% reliability objective.

Setting this up is doable. The big question is who will maintain it once it has been set up. When you consider this problem for all countries and when you expand it to other domains, it becomes obvious that this needs serious consideration.

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