Monday, November 18, 2013

#Ask and it will be #given to you II

Sharing in the sum of all knowledge is the aim of the #Wikimedia Foundation. The challenge is to bring it to all people of this world. Given that its projects are Internet based, it is reasonable to concentrate on the people connected to the Internet.

With one extra line in the USER/common,js it is possible to expand the search by adding results from Wikidata. This has been mentioned before.

What is new is, that it will now include references to articles in Wikipedia and pictures in Commons. Just click on the Commons logo and you go to the Commons category for the subject when it is known in Wikidata. When you click on the Wikipedia logo, you get a box with the Wikis you can choose from.

Really cool is that the Reasonator will provide you information in YOUR language. It is probably the best incentive to add the labels missing for your language. Remember, labels are used everywhere.

Talking about Reasonator, we are looking for a nice logo that we can use...

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