Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#Wikidata #HOWTO - Lilavati, the curious daughter

Lilavati was the daughter of the famous mathematician Bhāskarāchārya. The first part of his book was dedicated to her and from its text the love for his daughter is obvious and the wish for his daughter to follow in his footsteps.

The book Lilavati's Daughters very much celebrates the daughters of India who became scientists. These fine ladies are the subject of an editathon in India. The objective is to write articles in the 20 languages of India that have a Wikipedia or an Incubator projects.

It is not easy to coordinate what work has already been done. By adding the "Lilavatis's daughters" as the subject of the book in Wikidata, it becomes a place that links all the articles for them together. It does not take much time for someone to add the names for these fine ladies in their own language. It does not take much time to have a look at the statements made for them to see how much could be added.

Some of these ladies received awards like the Jnanpith Award and, when you think it is relevant for the whole world to know who won this award, you could add the other price winners as well. When you add statements describing these ladies and their achievements, you create pointers to what could be in the article. When you state that they are a "scientist" and "female", people like Emily will find them and get a growing understanding about the lady scientists that have a Wikipedia article in any language.

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