Monday, November 04, 2013

#Wikidata - Date of death II

#Notable people like any people do die. The feedback from my blogpost was really positive; people added several recently deceased notables in Wikidata. People died in Germany, France, Indonesia that we know of.

All in all there are currently 154 people identified as departed after October 1 2013. This list is really interesting because it shows for the first the time the distribution of interest in these people over the different Wikipedias.

Contrary to popular opinion, many subjects can not be found on the English Wikipedia. It is perhaps as surprising that Nigel Davenport has no article in the nl.wikipedia and that Ovadia Yosef has no article in the en.Wikipedia.

The beauty of this wonderful list created by Magnus is. that the underlying data is regularly updated. You can include more recently departed from your Wikipedia in Wikidata and you may notice the growth of the list. 

A list of people likely to be dead is this one. They are people with a date of birth before 1900 and who are not known to be dead yet. All in all there are over 1300 of these zombies. Ovid among others makes the list.'

It is popular these days to decide on a mode of transportation to escape the walking dead. My advise is to make sure they are dead by registering the date of their demise.

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