Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can we have functional #fonts for #SVG please

At the Malayalam #Wikipedia they have a project where they work on maps. It is a hug effort and we cannot share their hard work. Bug 24000 and bug 25140 indicate that pango and rsvg need to be updated.

After these bugs were filed SVGtranslate was internationalised in many languages including Malayalam. It will likely be localised in all the Indian languages we have Wikipedias in. These maps are relevant to all these Wikipedias. It may even stimulate more people to create maps of districts in other Indian states.

This bug is a show stopper. It may be that once these applications are updated, we need to support more fonts in our SVG engine. Many fonts have been selected already for the WebFonts extension...

PS it is not only Indian languages that will benefit
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