Friday, April 22, 2011

Paintings at the #Louvre

There are many ways of presenting great collections. Physical collections are presented in rooms, in corridors, in a museum.

Miniwark is working on bringing the physical presentation in the Louvre to the digital Commons. As you can see, there are many rooms on one floor of the Louvre and, there are many more paintings.

Pioneering a project like this means that answers to the technical challenges will have to be found along the way. Miniwark is welcoming your comments and, he hopes that someone knows how to display an image and note but without the edit buttons and link.

Browsing through the Louvre in this way, you really want to go there and see the building, the paintings in all its glory.


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Reylan | Labor Posters said...

Such a great painting and I think it is a work of a national artist.