Tuesday, April 05, 2011

#Toolserver tools are ready for #localisation

At #translatewiki.net, the first Toolserver tools are now ready for localisation. This provides improved accessibility to tools that have proven themselves to those people who are happy to work with English language tools.

The process of getting the messages live is similar to how it is done for MediaWiki. The localisations will be checked by the translatewiki managers and after this they will be uploaded to SVN.

When a tool makes use of the "Intuition" localisation, cookies will be set remembering your settings.

All "Intuition" tools will make use of these settings. This means that even newly localised tools will know what to do. Fall back languages are defined in the same way as they have been for MediaWiki; this means that Ossetic for instance will fall back to Russian.

When your first contact with localised tools is by using it, you will be prompted to the possibility to set your preferred language. As always we welcome anyone to help us with localisations at translatewiki.net; your work puts tools in the hand of people who will become more effective as a result.

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