Monday, April 25, 2011

Wikimedian in residence at #ArchivesAmerArt

Sarah is going to be the "Wikipedian in residence" at the Archives of American Art. There are multiple reasons why this is awesome:
  • any new Wikipedian in Residence project is awesome
  • Sarah will be the first WiR at an archive
  • Sarah is a Wikimedian AND professionally involved in the GLAM work itself
  • the subject matter of this archive is one of the most interesting for the en.wp
At the Archives of American Art, they do not only archive material about American art and artists, there are also performances by American artists. You can only be happy for Sarah that she may experience a Patti Smith performance.

One of the things Wikipedia is accused of is that it is very much into popular culture. When Sarah is able to cement a great relation with the Archives of American art, the quality of our references about a Patti or about American Bohemians will improve. Making a lie about the fact that popular culture cannot be taken seriously


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