Tuesday, April 05, 2011

#Annotations at #Wikimedia #Commons and more

There is a lot of #JavaScript, #CSS and what not that does all kinds of nifty things. The annotation functionality on Commons is a great example and this picture of Zagreb illustrates it well.

It works well up to a point. The point is Commons, the small picture representing the real thing. Annotations you want in high resolution as well. The same annotations would also be quite useful in your Wikimedia project.

There are many hacks as useful as this one. They represent functionality that people grow easily accustomed to and and fill a need so much so that they often move from project to project. Examples like the Babel templates and the input method JaveScript have done this. Having the templates and all the different JavaScripts is not only a maintenance hell it is also a recipe for substandard functionality.

With over 800 Wikis, it is practically impossible to maintain all the templates, the scripts, the CSS. Particularly functionality that has a global application needs to be replaced by maintained code. There is no reason I see why Narayam is not in production where it is needed. There is no reason why all new projects struggle with Babel template when there is an extension doing the same job for years.

Extensions can be replaced when there is a reason. Waiting for perfection is the enemy of the good that current code can provide to us.

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