Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to make a point in a #Wikipedia

The best way to make a point is not by battling over ever more sophisticated formulations that leave our readers lost in attempting to achieve a "neutral point of view". The best way is achieved by providing one thousand words at a time.

When you are against nuclear power for instance, pictures like these pain a thousand words at a time. These pictures help define horrible, they cannot be argued away. The recent events in Japan prove that nuclear accidents do happen everywhere and the half life of nuclear isotopes ensure that the after affects will stay with us for many generations to come.

Freely licensed cartoons can find a happy home at Wikimedia Commons as well. They exist to make a point.

People will choose from the best illustrations available and when pictures are well presented on Commons they will be used. When you are passionate about something, anything and you have media files that pack a punch, Commons is where your material will get attention.

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