Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#Commons has an UploadWizard

Having more then 20,000,000 media files on Commons will not take as long as getting the first 10 million. There will be several likely reasons, the increasingly great relations with our GLAM partners is one and another is the new UploadWizard.

So far uploading to Commons has been a pain and, not a nice one. The UploadWizard brings a much smoother work flow to the uploading of media files. All the hard work that has gone into it shows.

Not having to upload one file at a time is one of the best features. At this moment there is still a maximum of ten files that you can upload at a time.

The dialogue around licenses is much more streamlined. You still need to know what to do but it is much easier to select the applicable license.

Descriptions are essential; without one it is unlikely a picture will be found among the millions of other media files.

Being able to use an image is what you do it for. It is a nice touch that you are informed how to use the newly uploaded file(s). The developer of the UploadWizard are really interested in your experiences so please let them know.


GerardM said...

For whatever reason, the thumbnails that should be part of the UploadWizard are not showing.

It is not clear if that is caused by my browser or if there is still a lingering issue in the software.

Michael Sun said...

It does generate thumbnails starting from "Release rights" step.