Thursday, April 28, 2011

#SVG maps that beg for a translation

The #Malayalam #Wikipedia Map project provides great maps. When you want to illustrate something to do with these Kerala districts, they provide the perfect canvas. It is a labour of love to make these maps and there is even more mileage that can be had with a slight change.

The slight change that would make these maps awesome is by making all the texts into separate labels. This provides several opportunities:
  • you can translate the labels in other languages, to English for instance
  • the maps will become usable on even more Wikipedias
  • you can use the map without the labels as a canvas for other purposes
Once the names are available in labels, SVGtranslate  is ready to translate the updated SVG maps. SVGtranslate is one of the Toolserver tools that can be localised in Malayalam at

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