Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CommonsHelper2 by Jan Luca

The #Toolserver tools most desperately in need of internationalisation and localisation are the ones that serve language communities to bring the best out of what they have locally.

CommonsHelper2 is a tool that helps move media files from a project to Commons. Once media files are on Commons, they can be shared not only among all the Wikimedia projects but also by those MediaWiki wikis who have enabled the use of files available on Commons.

The current version is already available in two languages; English and Hebrew. Having it available in Hebrew enabled a much easier transfer of media files from the Hebrew projects. Once the localisations for this tool get under way illustrations that were so far reserved to a local wiki will get a much bigger audience.

Today the first messages became available in SVN. Jan Luca and Krinkle will have to work on the final touches to make yet another relevant tool ready to attract users from all over the world.

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