Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A #font for the #Sourashtra script IV

#Firefox on the #Android has a problem with displaying the Pagul font for the Sourashtra script. Brion checked this out and it failed sadly.

"Browser", the default browser on the Android however shows this page nicely. It showed exactly as it does on a desktop computer "so hopefully that means the ligatures / shaping work correctly on both, rather than that both are broken ;) ".

At this moment the WMF is researching the qualities of mobile devices. In a way, the test by Brion shows how complicated it can be. Do you test the default browser on a device or do you test your favourite browser on a device as well.

The good news is that web fonts work on a default Android.


Unknown said...

What about the iPhone?

GerardM said...

Good question. I do not have one.