Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The #Wikia sponsored translation rally is working wonders

At we have experience with rallies. When Wikia made it possible for us to experiment, we gladly took the opportunity. This rally is one where people can localise their favourite project or can participate because the localisation for the prescribed project is already complete.

The rally is working wonders and as there are some days left for people to participate, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn what translating at is all about.

I am happy to quote the mail send to our community for more details.

A few days ago I invited you to join our latest Translation Rally. Your response has been awesome – yes, you are awesome! Thank you. In the past 4 days, you have contributed over 34,000 translations for 20 Free and Open Source Software products. A volume we have never seen before.

The diagram on the right shows the number of active translators for the past 30 days. Yesterday, almost 70 different users have been active.

I want to call everyone of you to arms: show me you are still out there. Contribute! It does not have to be 500 translations, but just spend 15 minutes of your time to contribute now! I would love to see 250 active translators each of the next three days. I would be ecstatic if we managed to exceed 50,000 translations in the 8 Translation Rally days. I'm confident we can do it together. Again, again and again!

Siebrand Mazeland staff

P.s. Did I tell you that we have a nice user page badge ready for those that qualify for a part of the bounty in a Translation Rally? Check out Olli's user page for example.

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