Monday, April 04, 2011

Maybe an #eol and collaboration?

The Encyclopedia of Live has long been an English only project. As it became more prominent, the call for multi-lingual support became louder and louder. The Library of Alexandria became involved and its task is to make the EOL available in Arabic.

The trouble with the current software is that it is not only big, the idea of internationalisation has never been considered. Internationalisation is an architecture and consequently there will be a need for a continuous effort to slowly but surely enable more and more of the software for localisation.

Chromis abyssus Pyle, Earle & Greene, 2008

In a big project like this, there will be a steady stream of new messages and changed messages and while the primary interest of the Library of Alexandria is Arabic, the process of internationalisation done right will enable localisation for all languages.

At we are used to dynamic projects like this and our community is adept at asking for clarification of messages. When developers are eager to get the internationalisation right, they will find in translatewiki an effective partner.

When localisations find their way quickly into production, the Library of Alexandria will find that they bring the Encyclopedia of Life not only to the Arab world.

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Can't wait to get it into another project for me ^.^