Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sniffing at

#Tiki as a project is quite different from #MediaWiki. Its strength is that it combines a Wiki, a CMS, a Blog, a Forum, groupware and more all together in one package. All that and a granular permission system make for a powerful package. Unlike MediaWiki it is not centred around a group of content projects.

As Tiki has its own internationalisation and localisation platform, it was quite surprising to find one of their developers experience and look into what it will take to have its localisation done by the twn community.

The biggest advantage of Tiki as its own localisation platform is that you translate the string where it appears and you find it is localised on that installation. The biggest advantages of is its community and the wish for the efficient use of time spend by localisers.

What may be attractive to the Tiki community is
  • the use of the translation memory
  • they can concentrate their developer efforts on the core Tiki functionality
  • a community happy to work on many software projects
  • the opportunity to localise projects like StatusNet or OpenStreetMap
  • a knowledgeable community happy to help with i18n issues
  • twn can coexist with other translation methods .. we prefer not to
We are quite happy that a Tiki developer checks us out, it will be interesting to learn what will come of it.

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