Friday, April 08, 2011

Bringing a #Toolserver tool to the next level

#SVG translate is a lovely tool, it does work as advertised and I can use it in my own language (click here when it is not yet available in your language).

It is good, it is a big improvement and there is room for improvement. The work flow of an SVG image goes something like this:
  • find an SVG image with translatable labels
  • find the tool to translate the label
  • translate the labels
  • check out the SVG with the newly translated labels
  • upload the SVG to Commons
As the time it takes to translate is quite minimal, translating more images is an easy option when the other parts of the work flow are equally efficient. When the tool is aware of images waiting to be translated and prompts you, why not do another one?

This would work well when there is a magic formula to evoke the upload wizard. A formula can be found because a translated image is after all a derivative work. All the information of the original applies and the only thing left is to credit the translator. With the upload wizard ready at the end to make all the translated images available it would be heaven.

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