Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To #twitter in "indigenous" languages II

At this moment #Wikipedia supports many more languages than indigenoustweets.com. I can imagine that having tweets in our languages is something that is of interest to our language communities.

Kevin Scannell in this interview with Brian Lehrer is quite clear: he is interested in every small language. It might be an idea to link to Indigenoustweets on project like OmegaWiki and translatewiki.net where portals can be found for many languages.


Kevin Scannell said...

Thanks for posting this! One technical note that should make this kind of linking easier: I have redirects set up so that you can use ISO 639-1 or 3 codes on Indigenous Tweets when both exist. For example http://indigenoustweets.com/gle/ redirects to http://indigenoustweets.com/ga/.

Steven Walling said...

One thing I was wondering about when I saw this...

Might we use the lists as tools for recruiting editors to small language Wikipedias?

Sonya Van Schaijik said...

Hi there, Great to listen to the discussion. What I found initially is when I tweeted in my language of Samoan, the numbers of followers usually dropped. That does not seem so noticeable anymore.