Monday, April 04, 2011

The #CLDR does not work for us

A #standard works when it solves problems. #Wikipedia supports more languages than the CLDR and the result is that we cannot rely on the date format being available.

At we are very much in favour of using data supplied by standards and, we would applaud it when we can work with Unicode to compile data that is its remit. One of the ways could be to have an area with a friendly interface where people can add this information.

The availability of such data could even be considered essential for the running of a new Wikimedia wiki in a language. The benefit would be that we cut the number of requests for changes to values and formats of data in our projects. The benefit for the CLDR will be that for many more languages information will be available.

The CLDR has as part of its process that information is verified by experts. This is also true when a new language gets its first Wikimedia wiki. Asking the expert to take special care for the locale data will help accept the CLDR to accept this data.

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