Friday, April 22, 2011

What you do for the least of us ...

The Inuktitut #Wikipedia is written in two scripts. The original based on syllabics and the Latin script. As a Wikipedia, with 344 articles it cannot be said to be a big one.

One issue the Inuktitut editors have to deal with is the choice of the script that is to be used. It makes for articles that do not look good, it should be a choice. Inspired by the technology used on the Serbian Wikipedia, SPQRobin implemented functionality that will allow the Inuktitut articles to be in one script and, the readers will see the article in the script of their choice.

This change will make for much better looking articles and what we hope is that it will make it more interesting to write for the Inuktitut Wikipedia.


Michael Everson said...

The hack is not reliable as regards correct capitalization of Inuktitut in Latin script.

Robin Pepermans said...

I know, but it's not possible to capitalise Latin letters because the syllabics do not have capital letters.

Currently page titles, and most content, do not use capitalisation anyway for the Latin script.

-{Text.}- can be used to disable conversion of that text, and __NOTC__ to disable title conversion.