Monday, April 11, 2011

A #font for the #Sourashtra script

At the localisation for Sourashtra has started. At the incubator writing articles for Sourashtra has started. The only glitch is, there is no freely licensed font for the Sourashtra script yet. This was the message of a previous blog post.

A month later, there are happy developments: let me cite from an e-mail from Mr Prabu M Rengachari:

Glad to hear the news about including Sourashtra language in wikipedia after incubator period.

I developed the Sourashtra Unicode font with family-name "Sourashtra". Our intension is to make it a free-ware.

I am happy to make changes in the "Sourashtra" unicode font that remove the copyright issue.

Let me know how to proceed in making the font as Open Source.

Browser Support for Sourashtra Unicode range
Currently, Firefox browser alone detects the Sourashtra Unicode range and display the font. Other browser does not recognize the Sourashtra Unicode range and we are forced to explicitly give the font name in "style" tags. The blog is maintained by me and I did this i.e explicitly providing font-family name.
I will be very happy if you helps to progress in this regard too i.e making all browser to detect Sourashtra Unicode Range.

Prabu M Rengachari

A few people have the "Sourashtra" font and with everything in place to make it the first freely licensed font for Sourashtra, Santhosh can progress and fix any outstanding issues and make it available for inclusion in Linux. Another obvious next step is to make a web font out of it so that anyone can contribute on the Incubator in Soroushtra .

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