Monday, April 18, 2011

#Dutch is no longer a top 10 #Wikipedia in reach

The traffic numbers for the top 10 Wikipedias are undergoing a realignment. With German on number 4, Dutch on number 11 room is given to Spanish and Chinese. Given the sheer number of speakers, this re-adjustment makes sense.

All this does not mean that German or Dutch are not doing well. Both are, with twenty percent, growing twice as fast as the English Wikipedia.

With a relatively "big" language moving out of the top 10, the change to the percentage of traffic for the top 10 has gone down by not more then a percent.

I would like to see the top 10 languages getting less then 85% of our traffic. This could be achieved when languages like Arabic, Indonesian or Hindi would get traffic in direct proportion to the population who speak these languages. Then again, Chinese alone has a potential for more spectacular growth. It may be that 85% is just not realistic.
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